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August 23, 2004


Tasha  Brignoni

hello I am a big fan of the USA team . The whole team played great and are role model to a lot of girls as my self . I can just hope to be as great .

Thankz 4 the great games 1

colette madore

I am a HUGE fan of the USA team and Lisa Fernandez is definately the best softball player ever and such a big inspiration for me and a role model for all the young ladies out there that want to be in her shoes someday. Keep up the good work Lisa.....i know you have it in you to repeat in 2008. You are strong and have the will and the power to keep it up. NEVER BE SATISFIED!!!!
Thank you Lisa for your strength to help others achieve to be the best in their lives as well.


i am a all time fan of usa softball and of lisa fernandez. thanx for the signatures 2004 usa softball team


you are so cool because my cusens play softball

Chelsea Sells`

softball kicks butt

Jessica Benavidez

I just wan to say the team is Great!! I'm a big big fan of team U.S.A. And I want Lisa Fernadez to know that she is my role model.Well later

Lacey Sinclair

Hi, I love plyaing softball! Lisa Fernandez and Jennie Finch are big influences on me. I play in asa 12 and under. Im a pitcher, shortstop, and catcher. I wanted to watch most of your games, but they were too early, but i did watch some of them. I plan to be a softball player for either university of texas (longhorns) or play for asu here in san angelo. Well i love softball!!!

Alexis Bowthorpe

you are the BEST! i am doing my biggest assignment on you. what advise would you give to a 13 year old pitcher and third base-man?

Sincerly Yours
Alexis Bowthorpe
Vernal, Utah

colette madore

Not only is Lisa Fernandez the best softball player in the world......but she plays golf also, with an amazing handicap of 4!! She might just be in the LPGA before we know it. are an amazing athlete and it just goes to show that if you put your mind and talent to good work you can accomplish anything. What an inspiration you are, you blow me away!!! GOOD LUCK AT PEBBLE BEACH!!!!

camryn c

i love lisa fernandez she is my idol even tho i do not pitch


softball players like jenny finch and lisa fernandez are amazingly inspirational. i was expected to play softball because my dad was a professial baseball player for the indians and the mets. his name is steve springer. and it ended up my partents wernt going to have to force me to play softball; because i love the game. and i think everything about it is just a lesson to learn. and its really fun=] my dad does know jenny finch, and tells me stuff about her, he tells me that not only is she an outstanding softball player, but shes and amazing person. wooo hoo. okay bye .

Halee Vanpoppel

I think you are a great sooftball player.
I play softball too. I am 7 years old. My number is 2 an I am the coaches daughter.
I am very good at 1st base.


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