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August 26, 2004



...what does it all mean really....

dull minds being dulled by a dull event that has nothing more than stairway to advertiser's large dollars and endorsements for those 'bona fide' athletes whose
hard working and doping has placed them into a position of being forgotten less than three months after the games have ended....

too bad artists and creators of radical art never had such support - oops i errored: some do and they slave at the plantation fields called 'holly-wood' and never have a mind of their own ( watching another ben stiller un-funny movie...)

what does it really mean -- distractions and more distractions as culture collapses from the massive heart attacks of atkin's followers and the fifty percent obese americans sitting in front of their televisions watching the olym-shits and stuffing their faces with enough shit food to kill an entire olympic team 17 times over...

let's hear it y'all for civilization.......


PF Doom

Oh lord - listen man, obviously you are feeling a little jaded and decided to lash out at people that defintiely don't deserve it. Sure the top 1% of athlete at these games have endorsement deals and make very comfortable livings. But there are plenty of these athletes that sacrifice everything to compete - working odd jobs just to support themselves as they train 8 hours a day. look at the gymnast - Marhini Bardwa - she was delivering pizzas for a year so she could train.

These athletes make a lot of sacrifice to go and represent their countries in peaceful competition that demonstrates how people of this world can get along and coexist, even if it is for just a few weeks. If you have a problem with corporate sponsorship of the Olympics, that is definitely your right. But don't act like these athletes have it easy, and claim that "struggling artists" are so deprived. You are confusing two things that have nothing to do with each other - it isn't like people sit around and flip a coin between supporting the arts and donating to the Olympics.

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