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August 24, 2004


Melissa Lemmon

hello as you know my name is melissa lemmon. i go to school at mcneil jr high! i am 12 years old and i live in texas!Also i love to play volleyball. volleyball is my favorite sport to play! i play on a team called SMASH! i love it! i used to play beach volleyball on a team called attitdues , it was really fun but you had to be strong to go throught the sand to spike set and hit the ball as my coach always tells me. i have been playing volleyball since i was five years old! it was great! well i got to go but please write back soon!

Sarah Brown

Hey My Name is Sarah of course and i LOVE to play volleyball. i go to Tusky Valley Middle School and Misty May and Kerri Walsh are my idols they are the best volleyball players ever. i always wanted to see them in person but i prolly never will but im hopong i will someday. i juss cant wait till this weekend because me and my team are going to reginoals and if we win we go to Utah its gonig to be so much fun... Love ya'll....Write Back Plzz!!!


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