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August 19, 2004



I think Paul Hamm is a great gymnast and he deserved his All-around gold 100%!! :)


Paul Hamm did an excellent job at all-around and deserves the gold. It doesn't matter what anybody else thinks should've happened because the judges have the final say. They're the one's looking at the technique and details of the routines. They say Paul deserves the gold, than he deserves the gold. Done. He gets to keep the gold. Good for him, he earned it.


I not only think that Paul deserved the gold, he can also teach a lot of people about composure. I was very proud to see him fight back to win a medal, but also even more impressed when he performed on the high bar after all the controversy over the medal. He is a great athlete and an asset to the American team.

Bruno Hamm

Bitte könnte ich die Adresse von Paul Hamm haben


Any given survey will tell you that majority of Americans think Paul Hamm didn't earn the gold and keeping the gold when he didn't deserve it isn't right. The judges' mistakes are mathematically objective and not subjective as Paul Hamm's mother would have you believe. Majority of red blooded Americans know his gold metal is tainted. Since when world class American athletes kept any recognition that weren't rightfully theirs? Let's face it! The only reason why Paul has the gold is because it was erroniously given to him and he refuse to return it as FIG and IOC recommends. How embarrassing is this?

For Paul Hamm there is only way to become the true winner and that is to return the gold to the rightful winner. This way Paul can receive commercial endorsements and have a world famous stories to tell his grandchildren. It is unfortunate that he has to bare the mistake of the judges but this is how the cookie crumbled. Sorry Paul. I wish things were differnt.


In the parallel bars portion of the men's all-around competition the Korean gymnast had 4 holds, not the prescribed 3, which according to the rules should result in a mandatory 2 tenths deduction. If that deduction had been included in the scoring that would have put the Korean well behind Paul even if an adjustment was added to the Korean's score to compensate for the high bar scoring mishap. If you're going to scrutinize the high bar scoring then you've got to review each of the routines that comprise the all-around, which would include the parallel bars. Additionally the Koreans did not file an appeal in the allotted time. Paul Hamm won the gold fair and square.


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