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August 18, 2004



Well...if anyone can sag them...Michael can! ::drool::


OMG!! i love michael phelps and carly patterson they're both my idols!! cuz i love swiming and gymnastics!


yea his butt crack's always showin hes ssooo hott though!!!


he so cute in the sence first that he is hott as hell n that he seems so swt n non arrogant..this whole medaol thing coulda have gone 2 his head but it didnt he even gave his last moment of glary to ian crocker who really did deserve it..michael phelps ur a great guy..n a hott one 2 luv ya n good luck ..reena


you are the well~*
in 2008 you can have 8 gold.
put on steam~
i will hold out you~


I think michael phelps is the most talented, sexy, brilliant man ever known to earth.and i know for a fact in 2008 he'll bring home 8 gold


You are my swimming idol!!! I think you are the best swimmer ever!

My favorite stroke is breaststroke...not so much my best stroke best stroke backstroke.......


you may have seen me before because me and my friends went to the 2005 world cup and you ignored us but i forgive you 4 it.

my friend think your really hot.....

she is WILD!!!!!!


my wild friend transfered to the islip aquatics swim club. Thats the one that thinks ur hot.


U probebly know that my sister waz on this web cite. All four of my sisters are swimmers. We ♥♥♥♥♥u u r the best. ♥Ariel,♥Andria,♥Angelina,♥Angelica,and ♥ Anne Marie

P.S My mom always loved the letter a.

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